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Quest provides online real-time platform to allow a pathway to the digital literacy of the 21st century focusing on language expertise in soft skills and coding skills. It blends the best of knowledge for training in global language of English and coding proficiency to enable best preparation for future professions in Asia.

Awards and Recognition:

-2020 TOP100 APAC by e27

-2020 Y Combinator Startup School Graduate for REACH

-2019 Startup Thailand 2019 Showcase

-2019 Winner of Thailand Competitiveness Conference 2019 Shark Tank Pitch by TMA

-2019 Digital Ocean Hatch member

-2019 AWS Edstart Member

-2019 Y Combinator Startup School Graduate

-2019 TED Fund Program Member

-2018 Winner of Asia Accelerator 1 Minute Pitch Competition

-2018 Depa S2 Program Member

-2018 Top Finalists and only Thai startup of Project Alpha by SeedPlus

-2018 Startup Thailand Showcase

-2018 Edtech Hackathon finalists

Samut Prakarn, TH


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