Oct 2017
  • 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #04-04, Singapore 139955 ,
    Singapore 139955

Pro-Health Water Technologies

, Singapore

Pro-health Water Technologies offers water solutions worldwide through one of its proprietary technologies to convert tap water into high-value mineral water via a cost-effective mineralization process, among other applications. Our company provides purification of water, ionization so as to convert purified water into mineral water, better taste of water for commercial uses, conversion of hard water to soft water (vice versa).

The concentrations and ratio of calcium and magnesium levels can be precisely controlled, as compared to traditional methods of mixing with treated source water. The ratio of calcium to magnesium levels in drinking water affects its taste. Controlled remineralisationof purified water can produce better-tasting drinking water. The ratio can be adjusted to enhance the taste of different drinks e.g. to an ideal ratio for brewing specialty coffee. 

Pro-Health Water Technologies

Address 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #04-04, Singapore 139955 , Singapore

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