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The journey of Startup companies is not as beautiful and smooth as everyone thinks. There are both founders who are sick of tears. Fall down and rise to Some are successful Some people disappeared. This is the smell of Startup.

Creating a business is like running a marathon. It is not achieved overnight. Not just a good idea to do. To start a business must have a Passion. Of course, not passionate, just want to do it. But it is the driving force for us to continue to do it. Although no one agreed, without funds, there was nothing left in his life. Like the question that? If tomorrow is our last day Then will we continue to do it? This is what it is called Passion.

Zorka, the leader of smart innovation. We started since 2018 with the motivation from ‘Passion | Awareness | Confidence and Energy. The innovation technology

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44 Soi.Pattakarn 57/1 Prawet Prawet Bangkok, Thailand


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i-Skynet One