Feb 2020
  • 29 Phet Kasem 60/3 Bang Wa Phasi Charoen Bangkok,
    Thailand 10160

Serb - Service Booking Platform

Bangkok, Thailand

Serb is a Service Booking Platform. Our startup was established for solving pain points of consumer looking for Photographer. The Pain Points are, when consumer (included founder) is graduated, they want to find photographers for capturing their best day. But they don't know where to find a photographer. All they can do is asking other people around them, searching on google, posting their Facebook status, even Facebook group for the photographer contact. Of course, they get much less of photographer contacts, Moreover, some can't find a one.

Furthermore, the contacts they get is not met their need yet, e.g. over pricing, dissatisfied photo style, unavailable schedule. So, they have no choice but to be forced to choose what they get and hope their photographer will be great enough for them. Sadly, some fails their best day because of it. And no one actually solves these pain point for them despite the fact that the demands occur every year. Thereby, we, Serb's co-founders, have initiated and developed a solution as a One-Stop Service Booking Platform, Serb, which provides features such as finding, reviewing, booking, payment, chatting, photo getting, etc. Even more, Serb platform is a middle man holding and taking care of the money preventing both sides from cheating each others.

Serb - Service Booking Platform

Address 29 Phet Kasem 60/3 Bang Wa Phasi Charoen
Bangkok, Thailand

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