Nov 2018
  • 164/2 Moo 9, soi Sean Sabai Hang Dong Hang Dong Chiang Mai,
    Thailand 50230

Recharge Health

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Recharge is a Thai based BOI company funded in 2018 and headquartered in Chiang Mai, Thailand with affiliate companies in both the US and Norway.

Our first product, FlexBeam, was a crowdfunding success in the US. FlexBeam is a revolutionary recovery portable device that uses targeted red light therapy to help the human body relieve, repair, and recover faster from exercise, injuries and improve overall performance. It’s a new non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive health solution that can help a lot of people: from athletes to biohackers to the elderly. On July 2021 the company launched its own website to directly manage its online product sales. Additionally, the company is in the process of obtaining international medical certifications.

Recharge has very diverse and experienced international team spreading all the way from Chiang Mai to Norway and US to help reach our global market ambitions. The team is committed to drive innovation and bring the world the next generation of user-friendly wearable health technology.

Recharge is currently seeking investment in the form of equity to fund the expansion of its sales team as well as its infrared light product pipeline to continue improving human health and body performance.

Recharge Health

Address 164/2 Moo 9, soi Sean Sabai Hang Dong Hang Dong
Chiang Mai, Thailand

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